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We have utilized County North as our three children's daycare for the past 10 years.  The caring staff, nutritious meals, quality education, ample spaces for outdoor and indoor play, and positive nurturing all combine to create an exceptional daycare experience. Our entire family is so happy we found CNCC!!  Karen W.  Liverpool

Getting emails at work with pictures of my kids or little stories about the cute things they did makes my day.  I am glad CNCC takes the time to keep the parents so aware of their children's time at daycare, making it easier to be away from them. Jen P. Syracuse

Our child is very spirited at times, but the staff has found creative ways to keep her interested in following appropriate schedules and protocals, nurturing her personality and allowing her to grow without stifling that spirit.  The staff is really superb.  They also never get tired of seeing pink!!!   Zea W. Central Square

I love to send my children to CNCC for the warm, exciting and nurturin genvironment they provide.  After personally serving over a decade in the childcare profession there is no other place I turst to care for my girls that has even come close to the exceptional history of CNCC.  Jenifer O. Liverpool

Both of our infant and toddler daughters are excited to see their teachers when they see them in the morning.  This puts us at ease and lets us know that they are happy and well cared for. 
The diaper & wipe service at CNCC is very convenient.  It’s one less thing to worry about packing on a hectic morning.
Unlike a lot of child care centers, CNCC allows a child to attend part-time with part-time tuition rates.  This has been very helpful to our family’s schedule AND budget.   Shannon F.  Liverpool

My kids love all of the teachers at CNCC.  Even the ones that they haven't had yet! 
Megan P. Baldwinsville

County North has been the perfect fit for our family. Our daughter loves her friends and teachers, and we have peace of mind knowing she is happy, safe, and learning more and more each day.   Kelly R.  North Syracuse